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NOTE: We do not offer pest control services for termites, roaches or wildlife. Please contact the Larimer County Humane Society for wildlife or cat and dog issues.

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The exterior of your property is the most vulnerable means of pest entry. Our treatment is applied around the entire perimeter of the structure, three feet up the walls. We also apply a barrier under eaves, around windows and entrances. This helps by preventing wandering pests from gaining entry into your environment and establishing themselves. In addition to structural treatments, we also offer yard treatments to control ant colonies in landscaping. Contact us when you’re in need of quality pest control services.

In the spring and summer, stinging insects can become a problem. There are few things more annoying than being ran out of your own garden because of buzzing insects. It is crucial to identify the nesting sites early in the season and get them treated before they are at their peak. For example, yellow jacket nests contain 1,000-4,000 workers at their peak. Consequently, the nests can become a serious hazard. Visit our wasp control page for more information about some important local species.

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A solid band is applied around all windows and baseboards, as well as under the entryways. As a result, the baseboards will kill any pests that cross them for many weeks and months to come. This treatment helps control pests that are frequently brought into the home. If you spend much time outdoors then it is almost inevitable that you will bring insects indoors. Consequently, an indoor treatment is generally needed, at least once per year.

Finally, it is important to know that if you choose to have an outdoor only treatment, that it will not control any insects or spiders which are already established inside of your home.

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Mice can be a serious pest inside of structures. When not controlled immediately they can cause irreparable harm to your property and family. In addition to damaging property, mice can even carry dangerous diseases. Learn more about our mice control services.

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